By: Patrick Walker

As a sales professional I live and breathe everyday through my CRM system. Regardless of what industry, type of sales or my title within an organization, a good CRM system is necessary. I host my clients contact information, notes on previous conversations and phone calls, contracts and current workloads that I have with my clients. You name it, it lives within my CRM.

It just so happens that here at Appluent, I have found the best one, Salesforce!

When I arrive at work I log into Salesforce and never have to leave it to do anything with my day-to-day sales responsibilities. I can make my phone calls, send client emails, build out quotes and proposals for projects, create and send contracts and fulfill those contracts all within Salesforce.

The reason for that is just how adaptive and customizable this cloud-based system is. Our company phone system, email server, notes and proposal software, contracts and more all is integrated directly into Salesforce to make it a one stop shop for all Sales Professionals. Getting to know the system and using it day in and day out is a true test that it can be built around all of the complex workflow processes. Salesforce can be used for any and all use cases, whether simple or complex, it can work for all cases.

That seems like a very simple thing but to have all this data within one interface is a game changer when it comes to time management throughout my day.

I have used many other CRM software before and at the time I thought each of them outdid the previous. The only issue when looking back is I always had one level of my day to day that I had to leave the CRM and try and find something in another software or document. Whether it was a phone number, email, build and send out a contract, there was always something that had to be done outside of that specific system. Now that I have been working within Salesforce it really is a no brainer that this is by far the most capable and user-friendly CRM software for sales professionals.

Salesforce is the CRM software that lets me store all my information in one place and provide ways to act on all the data. From building customized reports to emails to contracts and more, Salesforce is by far the best CRM I’ve used as a Sales Professional.