Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, quote) software is a cloud-based solution that is often used by sales teams to quickly and easily create offers and to increase the efficiency of the sales process. It’s designed to automate and manage the configuration, pricing, and quoting processes for products and services. Appluent team members are experts in configuring and deploying this program. In addition to implementation, we can also assist with additional training or support as well as other implementation services.

The CPQ Acronym

Reduce errors in quotes, orders, and opportunities with CPQ. Appluent will help standardize and automate rules based on your unique requirements to make sure quotes are accurate—improving productivity.

Let us develop an easily configurable platform where your customers can locate, select, and combine the product and service options they want within the various constraints and rules unique to your business. 

There are so many considerations to account for when determining the amount required for payment, especially with all the additional conditions and configurations specific to your business. Whether you’ve got fluctuating manufacturing costs, seasonal pricing, or market-specific conditions to set, we’ll tailor a solution that works for your unique business needs.

The precious document that holds all the weight and represents a lot of money. We will make sure this final deliverable accurately describes all requested pricing, services, products, terms and condition that represent your offerings to your customers.


Let’s talk about how we can help your business.