By our powers combined, we are Captain Conga!

Appluent has partnered with Conga and is now one of its premier integrators for Conga Composer, Conga Contracts, Conga Grid, and Conga Sign. We’ve built an internal workflow from the ground up to specifically handle Conga product implementation, which enables us to maintain maximum efficiency and ensure flawless results. We have Conga certified team members ready to take on your project. Choose one of our accelerator packages and let us get to work configuring your new Conga product today!

Check the creds

What do you know about Conga University? Did you know there is a rigorous training and certification program Conga runs behind the scenes for all of its trusted consultants and integrators? Well, there is… and our team has crushed exam after exam getting our certifications so that we can most expertly implement Conga’s products into your Salesforce org with as little pain as possible.

Conga Accelerators

Appluent has put together a series of Accelerator programs to get you up and running with your Conga product in a short while. We have silver, gold, and platinum packages for Conga Contracts, CPQ + Conga Sign, and Conga Composer Enterprise Edition. We also have a standalone package for Conga Sign if you just want that implemented.


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