Managed Services

Managed Services is a monthly subscription based program by Appluent. Aimed at helping to maintain and improve your Salesforce ecosystem. By choosing the program that is best for you and your org, you can always be adapting to your growing business needs.




Managed Services by Appluent can help you to save money, too! Rather than going through the process of hiring a new admin, let Appluent work for you. We will perform an in-depth discovery and get up to speed fast. With our team of certified experts you are guaranteed the best quality work. All that and more is yours with the Managed Services program.

We've got
you covered!

Appluent knows that as your business grows and changes, your Salesforce org will need to evolve along with it. Get the most out of your org by letting us customize it for your needs. With scheduled calls and task deadlines, you will always be in control of what items are priorities. Managed Services is all about helping to improve your org, whatever those needs may be.

For all of our incoming, current, and past clients we are here for all of your needs. 

Appluent will never sell you something you don’t need. With time block options, you choose what best suits your needs. You are in control. 

We will walk you through every step of the way so you will be able to get the most out of each enhancement. .


Let’s talk about how we can help your business.