A Customer Company

Appluent was founded by Salesforce customers who have used the platform for over 14 years.

The Appluent team is not your traditional consulting team. Most of us come from a sales background where we were users of the platform first. After making the jump from sales to the technology side we ramped up and fine-tuned our skills to become Certified Administrators, Developers, and Consultants.

We have worked for Global Fortune 100 companies, small-mid sized, non-profits, and family-owned organizations implementing and leading the Salesforce efforts – Sales, Marketing, Service, Analytics, and Operations.

Highly Recommend
I was recommended to Greg at Appluent after sharing my concerns to a colleague about our current SFDC consultant. The level of service was fine but they were missing the business intelligence component and therefore we found ourselves going around in circles (with the meter running per say...). It was a very frustrating experience.

During our first call with Greg, it was clear that he understood our needs and could help us lay a path forward. We are still rolling out the new platform but all indicators look positive. I would recommend the Appluent team without hesitation.

Will Pitkin
Get the Most Out of Your Investment with Appluent
Experienced Salesforce users understand two things - it is incredibly powerful, and maximizing its value by solely relying on Salesforce and their team is incredibly difficult. By utilizing Greg and Appluent, we have not only engaged a true Salesforce expert who understands both its current state and its future roadmap, but we got someone who jumped in to understand our business and how to best apply Salesforce for success. It’s this combination that has allowed us to take our use of Salesforce and the results it drives to the next level. I highly recommend Greg and his team at Appluent.
Vincent Brigidi
Superb SFDC Implementation & Training
Greg was a great asset and wonderful trainer. With sales reps at various learning curves, he helped get everyone up and going, and continues to provide excellent input and training! He also gives great advice into best practices and opportunities to simplify and streamline processes. Highly recommended!
Jamie Moculak
Greg was a huge help in my implementation and training of Salesforce. He was able to understand my needs and helped to build a platform that worked for me, no cookie cutter approach. He was always on time and answered e-mails extremely fast. As we begin to add new users there will be no hesitation to utilize Appluent again.
Brad Wright
My Company Implemented Salesforce with the Help of Appluent!
My company recently adopted Salesforce. We hired Appluent as our integrator and are so thankful we did. We have many facets to our business and without Appluent we would be completely lost. They have executed all of our requests, made themselves available at all times for questions and training, offered proactive resources to better learn the tool, and provided on site assistance whenever we've requested. Greg and his team have been instrumental in showcasing the power of salesforce while keeping us in our lane to ensure we don't undermine the point of having such a powerful tool. I would recommend Appluent regardless of company size.
Ryan Law
Implementation of Sales and Service Cloud for growing organization
Our organization used Appluent as our partner in a very large Salesforce implementation which impacted our entire organization. I have implemented CRM's in other organizations I have worked with and this was, by far, the most smooth implementation I have experienced thanks to Appluent. They were not just there to implement the software and then their job was done. They have continued to be engaged with our team ensuring (on a daily basis at times) that the implementation met our expectations. They are personable, knowledgeable, easy to work with and understand, and the fact that they took as much time as necessary to understand our business and help us to map out what was to be our ``future state`` was worth more than I can say. Appluent team is outstanding.
Correen Brown
Implementation of Salesforce and Transitioning of Data
Our organization used Appluent for an extremely demanding and complicated data transition and implementation. The CRM we were using had been in place for 10 years and the sales team wanted every bit of data moved to Salesforce.

This was a complicated undertaking given how different the past CRM was and the data fields it contained in a section tab format, Add to that we were moving 10 years of data with tens of thousands of company accounts and tens of thousand of contacts to Salesforce. The Appluent team was masterful in recognizing our needs, identifying the issues, developing creative solutions and communicating.

I would highly recommend Appluent to anyone undertaking the transition from one sales CRM to Salesforce.

Michael Krivich
Best partner we have ever had
Our 70 person company does not have an IT development dept. We have relied on Salesforce to help direct us to partner organizations to customize the apps that sit on the SF platform. Appluent is the best partner we have ever had. They took the time to get to know us before setting up our action plan rather than the other way around. They are interested in our long-term success which as a business owner is a tremendous plus. Appluent is fair, highly interactive and communicates project details and timelines very well. I could not recommend their services enough. Thanks!
Trent Romer


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