By: Amanda Zacharias 

Tuesday night at 7:00pm my alarm goes off reminding me to post to my company’s social media account about an update from that day. But I’m sitting on the sidelines of a softball game for my boyfriend and I miss a triple he hit because I was too busy getting the post shared on all of our accounts.
The game ends and he comes rushing over asking if I saw the play and I had to say no because I was distracted with work. He complains again that I am always on my phone working when I could be enjoying quality time with the team. AND HE’S RIGHT! I wish I didn’t miss the play. I wish I would have been able to schedule all my postings without needing to set alarms for myself.


That softball season comes and goes with many missed plays. But this year… no more! With Pardot social connectors set up for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, I can set it and forget it. It’s now part of my daily routine to set social postings before I leave my desk each day. I schedule my posts all from Pardot to be shared at our company’s optimal posting time.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 2.04.54 PM.png
I even scheduled the post about this article! I’m a big planner so as I’m writing this I already know when it’s going to be posted so why not schedule it now and forget it! No need to have a backlog of things to post, just schedule them as they come and see everything stack up nice and organized.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 2.19.18 PM.png

I love the fact that I can stay right in Pardot and post to our company channels. No need to go to the platforms themselves and get distracted and lost in the scroll. With Pardot allowing me to set it and forget it, I’ve gotten back my social time on the sidelines. No more missing plays. No more stopping dinner mid bite to go make a post. It’s all handled before I sign off for the day and my relationship is stronger because of it.
Pardot social connectors saved my relationship đź’ž