By: Pratik Pawar

In the competitive world, Sales and Operation teams need to be quick enough to present an effective quote to customers. Their primary focus is on customer-facing activities, not spending hours within the system to do operational tasks. Such tasks may stop them from doing their actual work:

  1. Identify an exact set of products from a messy product catalogue.
  2. Calculate pricing manually as there is no automated way.
  3. Add a different level of discounts manually – to satisfy end customer and internal approvers.
  4. Prepare docs and send to the customer manually and maintain the details into the Salesforce org.

There are a lot of manual steps, and due to this, there is a high chance of making manual errors and delaying the entire sales cycle.

If sales teams must do everything manually, then they will be frustrated like HULK

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“We fail more often because we solve the wrong problem than because we get the wrong solution to the right problem.”  – Russell L. Ackoff

As greatly quoted by Russell L. Ackoff, you should put efforts to solve your actual problems with a correct solution.

Solution → Boost your Sales using “Salesforce CPQ”


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Salesforce CPQ & Billing provides ample smart and efficient features as listed below to enable the Sales Team to do their operational work quickly and focus more on customer interactions.

Top 3 features of Salesforce CPQ –

  1. Guided Selling –

One of the key features of Salesforce CPQ is guiding your Sales Executives to pick the right products for their customers. By answering some basic questions about their needs, Salesforce CPQ can provide the correct set of products. This feature becomes useful when you have different product varieties in the catalogue and could be confusing for reps to identify a customer’s intended product.

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  1. Price Rules and Quote Calculator Plugin

For a CPQ Admin/Developer, this is one of the most useful things in the Salesforce CPQ package: Admins can easily configure ‘Price Rules’ to stamp field values on Quote or Quote lines. We can write formula logic as well or use summary variables to get an aggregate result and use that into the actions.
The Quote Calculator Plugin (QCP) works as a trigger in Salesforce. CPQ Developers can write a piece of JS/Apex code to achieve any complex requirements which are not possible through pricing rules.

  1. Automated Pricing Engine

As a Salesforce CPQ Consultant, I have worked for many customers who previously used quotes in excel. We helped them to transform their quoting experience from a legacy manual process-based quoting to an automated quoting tool using Salesforce CPQ. Salesforce CPQ has the capability to automate your complex pricing structure and give an expeditious quoting experience.

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