By: Marissa Every, Certified Salesforce and Conga Consultant

At Appluent, we are here for you, our clients, and our goal is to make your job easier.

Through our Managed Services program, we can help you maintain and improve your Salesforce ecosystem. We take a consultative approach and challenge you to think outside the box, offering best practice advice and ways for you to digitally transform your business.

Managed Services can be a huge benefit to your company. Why you ask? There are three simple reasons – time, money, and resources.

We know you and your team members have a full time job to do. We value your time and want to do everything we can to plan out each month and allocate how your monthly hours will be consumed. That’s why we have adopted the Agile Methodology that is broken down into these weekly stages:

1. Week 1 – Plan and Commit
2. Weeks 2 and 3 – Development
3. Final Week – User Acceptance Testing and Deployment

During the plan and commit stage, your Project Manager meets with you to determine goals and objectives for the month and ranks them by priority. Together, we will commit to the work that will be completed that month. Project Managers will also keep a backlog to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. In the weeks that follow, the Appluent team will complete Development of all requirements, and then allow you to complete User Acceptance Testing prior to Deployment which takes place during the final week of the month.

Hiring a full time Admin or Developer, or both, can be very costly when you factor in not only salary but benefits, taxes, training, etc. With Appluent’s flexible Managed Services program, we will work with you to understand your needs and requirements and come to the table with options for a monthly block of hours that will best fit your needs and budget.

Appluent’s Managed Services program provides you with a dedicated Project Manager and access to the Appluent pool of talented resources including certified Administrators and Developers as well as specialized Consultants in the areas of CPQ, Sales and Service Cloud, Conga, Pardot and the list goes on.

So as your business grows and evolves, let Appluent be at your service as your one stop shop for all of your Salesforce needs! To learn more about our Managed Services program visit: