By: Jared Every

Are you a Salesforce user? Do you rely heavily on files and attachments for your job? If so, the FilePulse app could change your life! Trust me.

At first, I was hesitant to make the switch from my comfortable formula of “update, save, resend.” I was as guilty as anyone, resending the same file again and again each time I made an edit. However, newer to the Appluent family, I was being kindly made fun of by co-works for my “antiquated” ways. Soon enough my team introduced me to FilePulse and I quickly learned the many benefits of this great tool. 

I took a test drive, watched the video, and got some training from colleagues…and I haven’t looked back since!

What is FilePulse you ask?

FilePulse can track any standard or custom object (accounts, cases, contracts, and opportunities). Through automated custom alerts/notifications, the user can manage a multitude of file types with ease. No more falling through the cracks of attachments.  From Chatter, to task, to email notifications, I can stay on top of all my files.

I also learned that FilePulse can be used for Contract Management, Opportunity Files, CPQ Quote Files, Community File Uploads, Case Management, and more.

The old ways of remembering to update my team every time an update was made to a file are a thing of the past. Now they choose when and how they want to be notified. My team is much happier and inboxes are less flooded now that I don’t have to send an email for every new file. With more clear information and updates being shown on my team’s Salesforce homepage allows them to send and receive updates as required. Being able to customize who is notified based on the file and the ways in which the notifications are received has allowed for a more organized and seamless workflow for our team. 

Since making the switch to FilePulse it’s been easier for everyone on the team – and for me, there’s less embarrassment of my outdated methods for file sharing.