By: Nicole Kane

There are many benefits for organizations to utilize a certified Salesforce partner, like Appluent, to implement their new Salesforce platform instead of self-implementing. 

Here are a few reasons why you should work with Appluent when implementing a new Salesforce platform:

#1. Appluent is fluent in the Salesforce language

As a certified Salesforce partner for almost a decade, Appluent knows how the Salesforce platform works inside and out. Our team understands how to mold the platform to fit our customers’ particular business needs. We are able to identify Salesforce solution use cases for prospects or existing Salesforce customers. 

#2. Appluent has designated certified resources 

We work directly with the Salesforce team to keep our team trained and certified in all of the Salesforce Core Platforms. Our team has certifications for:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • CPQ
  • Communities
  • Pardot
  • & many more

 #3 We Practice What We Preach

What good is a partner if they don’t incorporate the technology in their day to day lives? Here at Appluent, we utilize the entire Salesforce Platform to run our business. We continue to stay in-the-know with changes within the platform and are able to adapt and implement quickly for our clients. We use the technology for all of our customers so they can say, “Hey, I want that too!”.

#4 Skilled Teachers 

What good is a new tool if you don’t know how to use it? As your trusted advisor, we provide expert instructor-led training sessions. This service ensures that your entire end-user environment learns and understands how to use your newly customized Salesforce tool. Our goal is to educate your team, answer all questions, and provide hands-on training manuals for ongoing support and success.

#5 The future of your business is in our best interest too

Salesforce should never be a “set it and forget it” tool (it’s not Ron Popeil selling rotisserie ovens). Customers’  businesses are continually changing, and the Salesforce platform should follow along with the growth of the company. Appluent will not only get you started with Salesforce but help roadmap and plan for the future as well.

Appluent is here to be your resource. As you are working through the discovery phase, we strive to make the implementation process as smooth and successful as possible for all parties involved.