By: Sounderya Raghav

When one of our customers asks us what our foremost strategy of doing business is, our first response is nothing complicated and as simple as: Happy Staff!! 

At Appluent, we truly believe in creating a culture of happiness, investing in high-performance teams, and believe satisfied employees create satisfied customers. Leaders at Appluent hold themselves responsible for their employees’ happiness and know the rest of the business is being taken care of. 

Last year, COVID-19 brought difficult challenges for everyone, but the people who work at Appluent kept us moving forward. Our people are our most important, competitive edge, making  Appluent what it is today.

Each process within Appluent is designed to make sure our people feel a strong connection to the company’s vision and stay motivated contributing to Appluent’s success. We understand the interrelated nature of employee happiness and customer’s success. It is essential to have both as both impact each other. While happy employees deliver high customer happiness, high customer happiness also reinforces employee happiness.

During my early years in the corporate world around one and a half decade ago, the narrative was to have a strong top management and hard-working, hour crunching delivery team. But with time, this narrative needed updating. No matter how hardworking an individual is, great customer experience comes only from happy and engaged people. This was not just some random thought or hearsay; I was reading my usual dose of Harvard Business Review and an article cited after extensive Glassdoor Study, “a happier workplace is directly associated with a company’s ability to deliver higher customer outcomes”. We at Appluent consider our people as our ambassadors. Our customers’ have happy stories to share because we have happy people sitting behind the keyboards.

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What does this mean for us?

We know what happens inside an organization’s work-desk is clearly felt on the outside. We make our people feel valued and happy, and as a result they take more initiatives, they collaborate better, both internally and externally. ‘Ohana’ is not just another Salesforce jargon, but at Appluent, it is embedded in our culture and is our core strength.


If you feel like something isn’t working out or you need help with any implementation do not hesitate to contact us about it. Our Rockstar happy people are sitting at two different parts of the world – US and India have been providing excellent expert guidance since 2013. If you feel like sending a word – email: