With a surge in remote workforces seen across industries, Appluent has chosen to rebrand as it continues to initiate ongoing innovation for customers through strategic enhancement of digital workflows.

PHOENIXVILLE, PA – June 09, 2021 – Since 2013, Greg Brown of Appluent Business Solutions, and his team have been finding ways to improve customer business models through strategic use of different software systems to enhance workflows. With a surge of companies pushing to remote work throughout 2020 and still today, Appluent has chosen a timely release of their new slogan Envision More. The new slogan reflects Appluent’s continued expansion and gained expertise in the digital workflow marketplace across industries, all the while encouraging efficient innovation throughout every element of its business model.

Certified as a Salesforce® implementation partner for over 8 years, Appluent has implemented Salesforce® for hundreds of customers and has added Conga, Formstack, Prolifiq, Form Assembly, and more to its ever-growing list of specialties. Appluent has carefully chosen which platforms to develop expertise, ensuring the platforms themselves align with both Appluent’s internal strategy and the needs of their clients. Additionally, Appluent has built its own user-friendly applications that can be used as add-ons to the Salesforce® platform, such as UserPulse and FilePulse, as they identify areas of improvement.

Appluent’s service offerings have challenged its customers to Envision More, not only for externally facing initiatives, but for internal processes as well. The result has been that each Appluent customer has continued to see improvements in digital workflows every time a new technology is integrated into their digital processes. More importantly, with every added system Appluent customers have reduced time spent in repetitive tasks including sales calls, calendar invites, contract generation, data collection, data management, employee management, and so much more.

With Appluent’s managed services, employees are trained on systems as needed and small tasks are automated and busy work eliminated so employees can concentrate on the bigger picture. These services directly lead to reduction in sales cycles, enhanced communication across teams, improved efficiency, and cost reduction in certain departments.

In effort to continually innovate digital workflows for its customers, Appluent promises to stay at the forefront of new technology and continue to explore further integrations that will help customers Envision More in the increasingly remote work atmosphere that exists today.

About Appluent Business Solutions

Appluent is a leading partner in the Salesforce®, data management, and digital workflow solutions world. Certified as a Salesforce® implementation partner for close to a decade, Appluent has implemented Salesforce® for hundreds of customers and has added Conga, Formstack, Prolifiq, and more to its ever-growing list of specialties.

Appluent carries over 20 certifications within the Salesforce ecosystem including Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Communities, and Pardot implementations and custom implementation for CPQ, Force.com, Visualforce, and Salesforce® Lightning. As a Conga partner, Appluent also implement the full suite of Conga products including Conga Composer, Conga Contracts for Salesforce, Conga Grid, and Conga Collaborate.

For more information, please visit appluent.net or call 484-920-3741.

For media contact, Amanda Zacharias at amanda@appluent.net